Montenegro, Municipality of Petnjica could get an Agricultural Production Center

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The owners of Volos Animal Nutrition, which was founded in Podgorica and is owned by the company Arkor Hayvacilik from Turkey, in a conversation with the leaders of the Municipality of Petnjica, expressed their interest in opening an Agricultural Production Center on the territory of Petnjica.

It was specified that the aforementioned company intends to build the center in question at the Plandište site, which is located at the entrance to Petnjica, with the promise that, to begin with, fifteen workers would find employment there. This news was confirmed by the authorities in the local administration, with the statement that the implementation of this project would be of great importance for the residents of Bihor.

It is true that we talked to the people who expressed their desire to build some kind of agricultural production center in Petnjica and we noticed that it was about their serious intentions. That made us happy, because the opening of every job in our region is a big deal. It remains for us in the following period to look at everything that is necessary to turn the mentioned idea into action. As far as we in the local administration are concerned, we are here to, in accordance with our competences and possibilities, provide all kinds of assistance to this and other investors to invest their capital in our region, because this is the basis of future development, not only in Bihor, but also in the entire north. – said the President of Petnjica Municipality, Samir Agović, in his statement for the Day.

Volos Animal Nutrition D.O.O. was registered in Montenegro in June 2022, with headquarters in Podgorica. It was created as part of the company Arkor Hayvacilik, which operates in the Republic of Turkey and is engaged in the production and sale of vitamins and minerals, supplements for animal nutrition, as well as the distribution of machines and accompanying equipment of well-known world brands, which are used in the process of producing agricultural products.

This company announced that during the tour and familiarization with the potential market, they had several constructive meetings in several cities in Montenegro. They said that, among other things, they had a presentation of the company in the municipality of Petnjica, and that after that they presented their idea of ​​opening an agricultural production center to the authorities in the local administration.

At the meeting with the president of the municipality of Petnjica, Samir Agović, we discussed our intention to invest in the construction of an agricultural center in Montenegro, which would include a plant for the production of vitamins, minerals and sales supplements for animal nutrition, a showroom of our products, an agricultural pharmacy, as well as a veterinary office. About 15 jobs would be created in that center. During the presentation of our plans, we encountered the understanding of the President of the Municipality, who recognized the potential interest of the municipality of Petnjica and the citizens who live there. On this occasion, he introduced us to the site located at the entrance to Petnjica, on which the mentioned agricultural center could be built, and which the Municipality of Petnjica would be willing to cede for this purpose for use under favorable conditions – emphasized the company Volos Animal Nutrition D.O.O.

They added that they recognized that Petnjica has potential for the successful operation of this center. After our assessment of business possibilities, we made the decision that Petnjica, due to its potential and possible favorable conditions for carrying out our activity, would be a good location for the beginning of the development of our activity in Montenegro – concluded investors from Turkey.

In Lješnica, there will be a plant for electrical parts

The local administration confirmed that a plant for the production of parts for electrical devices should soon be built in the village of Lješnica.

A man from our area who lives abroad expressed his interest in building a plant in Lješnica where parts for electric motors and other electrical devices would be produced. The construction of that plant should start very soon and it is a good sign that foreign investors recognize this area as a good base where they can develop their business. We believe that the state will recognize the importance of these initiatives in the right way and that it will provide the necessary assistance so that this and other plants are soon in operation. All the more, because the creation of jobs in the real sector will certainly stop the ever-present migration of the population from this area – the local administration stated.


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