Montenegro, Grahovo – Region with enormous agriculture potential

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In the past few years, the Grahovo region has seen an increase in agricultural activity. Today there is no trace or sound of the former hospital, raspberry processing factory and numerous craft shops. Although this town is demographically and infrastructurally dilapidated, some families have seen the potential and are returning to their ancestral homes.

The Idea of reviving the economy of Grahovo after the Second World War was short-lived. Nevertheless, memories of the period of economic development still live on in the memories of the oldest residents of Grahovo.

– I think that over 350 and up to 400 workers worked in the economy in Grahovo and Bijela Gora. Later, the hospital opened and the first x-ray that came to these parts came to Grahovo – says local resident Veselin Vučetić.

In Grahovo, there was a raspberry processing factory, an agricultural cooperative, craft shops, a button maker, a brush mill, a sawmill, and a tar production factory. With the abolition of the Municipality of Grahovo, at the beginning of the sixties, displacement and the collapse of economic development began.

Demographer Miroslav Doderović points out that those municipalities that were abolished experienced economic and demographic devastation.

– So even those buildings that were built were devastated at the expense of the development of Nikšić and Montenegro. In the villages, you will find numerous cooperative centers of culture – says Doderović.

Resident Zoran Milović points out that nothing has been done to employ young people.

– Such a place, such land, such water, if it were lucky, it would feed half of Montenegro – Milović believes.

A highway passed through Grahovo a decade and a half ago.

Although the main road contributed to a lot of Grahovo residents moving out of their hometown in the past few years, a lot of them have returned to their homes, and everyone sees the prospect in the fertile land.

Radovan Vučković from the agricultural farm “Vučković” emphasizes that whoever wants to work can work anywhere, be it Grahovo or some other place.

– Grahovo has fertile land and water, it has a good geographical position, it is close to Boka, that is, the Montenegrin coast, so we can sell everything that is produced – says Vučković.

Even the new residents, brought by life’s journey, see the potential in agriculture and tourism.

– A man who wants to create, work and make something in life, wherever he is, he will make an effort if he wants to create something. Now, as far as he sees the potential, it varies from person to person. I see great potential, I’m glad to be here. I will try to stay as long as possible and do as much work as possible – says Bojan Sibinčić, farmer and restaurateur.

More and more arable land in the bean field shows that the residents are returning to agriculture, which has enormous potential in this region.

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