Montenegro, Tivat Airport achieved a turnover of 652.65 thousand passengers last year, much less than in the record 2019

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Tivat Airport achieved a turnover of 652.65 thousand passengers last year, which is 47.7% of the result achieved in the record year 2019, when it amounted to 1.37 million passengers.

The poor results of the Tivat airport, which this year for the first time in recent history dropped out of the list of the ten busiest airports in the region of the former Yugoslavia, are the product of the fact that this year Tivat lost another of its most important markets – Ukraine, due to the war in that country. To the state, writes Vijesti. Previously, in 2020 and 2021, that airport had already suffered significant blows, because since then, due to political reasons and sanctions, mutually introduced by the EU, which Montenegro follows in its foreign policy, i.e. Moscow and Minsk, flights have completely stopped and commercial air traffic between Montenegro and Russia, also, Belarus.

On the other hand, the management of the Airport of Montenegro (ACG), in the meantime, has largely failed to attract new airlines to the Tivat airport that would replace the lost market of most of Eastern Europe with their flights and passengers. During December of last year, Tivat Airport had a total of 17.93 thousand passengers, which is 76.4% of the result achieved in December of the record year 2019, but still an even 81% better performance than in the same month of 2021, when there was 9.89 thousand only.

Last month, Tivat had a total of 142 aircraft operations, which is a 29% better result than in December 2021, but also 15% less than in the record December of 2019. Unlike Tivat, Podgorica Airport had a much more successful business last year, which was port ended with a total traffic of 1.27 million passengers, which is as much as 97.7% of the performance of the Podgorica airport from the record year 2019.

ACG management previously announced that they expect passenger traffic at both airports to be 12% higher this winter season than for the same period in 2019.

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