Montenegro, Port of Kotor will provide pilotage services in the Bay of Kotor

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The government tasked the Port of Kotor with providing pilotage services in the Bay of Kotor, until the procedure for obtaining the concession is completed.

Today at the session, the government adopted the Information on the annulment of the government’s decision of June 18, 2020, due to the decisions of the Administrative Court, as well as certain conclusions.

The court decision annulled the government’s decision on the concession award, which is the basis for concluding a concession contract for the provision of pilotage services in the port of Kotor and in the Bay of Kotor.

Prime Minister Dritan Abazović said that in anticipation of the summer tourist season, there is a big problem with pilotage. “The government tasked the Directorate of Maritime Safety and Port Management to prepare proposals for the concession act and the concession contract without delay,” added Abazović.

He said that this Is not favoring any company engaged in pilotage, of which only the Port of Kotor is state-owned. “Considering that we have a situation where we currently do not have a legally valid performance of those activities, the state, just as in the case of the Kamenari-Lepetane line, obliges the Port of Kotor, as a public company, to complete the procedure for obtaining the concession, in which everyone will be able to participate , provides those services”, explained Abazović.

The State Secretary In the Ministry of Capital Investments, Admir Šahmanović, said that in that department they expressed reservations about the proposal to grant exclusivity to the Port of Kotor, in the sense of whether it is in conflict with the laws on the safety of maritime navigation and on concessions.

Abazović explained that he tried to find a solution that seemed to be fair. “Due to the decisions of the Administrative Court, existing entities that provide pilotage services no longer have a legal basis to do so. I don’t see a problem. I think that Port of Kotor should provide that service and that’s it. In addition, a public call should be opened as soon as possible, and then everyone should apply – including private individuals, and if the Port of Kotor will be held, and contracts should be concluded after that,” concluded Abazović.


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