Montenegro, Eurowings is connecting Germany and Tivat

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Eurowings, a member of the Lufthansa Group, will launch the Dusseldorf – Tivat route on April 2nd, while flights from Stuttgart to this Montenegrin city will begin on May 14th.

As the Avio portal reports, on the Dusseldorf – Tivat route, flights will be operated every Sunday until June 20, when this German low-cost company, in anticipation of the summer season, switches to three weekly flights on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

At the beginning of September, Eurowings plans to return to one flight a week, on Sunday, and will stick to that plan until October 15, when it stops flying on this route.

The expected price of a one-way ticket on this route varies and, depending on the flight time, can be around 200 EUR for the basic package that includes only hand luggage.

As for flights from Stuttgart, from May 14, when this line is launched, flights will only be operated on Sundays. This will be the case until July 23, when Eurowings switches to two weekly flights until September 10, after which until the end of September, flights on this route will be operated only on Sundays.

The expected price of the ticket on this route, depending on the time and tariff, can be from 105 to 195 EUR.

On its flights to the Montenegrin coast, Eurowings offers fares with and without checked baggage (smart and basic fares), and in accordance with the previous operations of this German airline, you can expect last minute offers that can be very favorable.

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