The priceless friendship between Montenegro and Germany

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Connecting Montenegrin and German businessmen is the best way to encourage the implementation of joint projects and ensure greater participation of investments from Germany in the development of infrastructure, energy, tourism, information technology and the agricultural and food sector, said the president of the Chamber of Commerce (PKCG), Nina Drakić.

– Through rich experience and a long history of cooperation with German organizations, companies and investors, PKCG got to know the innovative power of the German economy, its business efficiency and culture as symbols of the quality of European industry – said Drakić at the round table entitled Responses of Germany and Montenegro to the energy crisis .

At the round table organized by the Consulate General of Montenegro and the Development Agency of that city in Frankfurt, she added that this clearly suggests the importance of the Montenegrin-German economic partnership in order to implement reindustrialization and strengthen the production orientation of the Montenegrin economy.

The participation of PKCG representatives at the round table in Frankfurt was an opportunity to encourage all types of cooperation with the largest European economy through the promotion of the economic potential of Montenegro.

PKCG stated that Germany invested over 100 million EUR in the Montenegrin economy last year, and more than 1 billion since the restoration of statehood.

According to the data of the National Tourist Organization (NTO), 3.8 million German tourists are considering or planning to visit Montenegro in the next three years, so Drakić also on this occasion affirmed the beauty and content of Montenegro, and especially emphasized the importance of the Montenegrin diaspora in Germany as very important links for economic connection, investment and improvement of business relations between the two countries.

At the round table, she presented the indicators of the Montenegrin economy with a focus on the potential of cooperation in the energy sector.
According to Drakić, Germany through KfW Bank has been financing energy efficiency projects in Montenegro for more than ten years, and the potential in that area is still great.

– In implementing the goals of green transformation, Montenegro has the opportunity to expand cooperation and use the experience and support of German companies as leaders in the application of green solutions for sustainable growth. I believe that we will use this chance to put the development of Montenegrin energy on the path of sustainable growth, which will stimulate the revitalization of the industry and the launch of other economic potentials of Montenegro – concluded Drakić.

After the discussion, a formal reception was held, which was attended by representatives of the consular corps, state authorities, banks, financial institutions, renowned companies from Frankfurt and the German states of Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. On that occasion, the Consul General of Montenegro in Frankfurt, Ivana Đukanović, addressed the guests, who invited German investors to visit Montenegro and see for themselves the favorable investment environment.

The reception was also attended by the well-known Montenegrin businessman and humanist Hajriz Brčvak, who spoke about his business experiences in Montenegro and Germany.

The event was an opportunity to consider, through the exchange of experiences and contacts, new modalities of cooperation between Montenegro and Germany, at the regional and local level.

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