Montenegro, Continuation of Solari project: 296 companies, applied for the public call for participation

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2,845 consumers, of which 296 companies, applied for the public call for participation in the Solari 5000+ (70MW) project until February 1, News from the Electric Industry (EPCG) announced.

EPCG representatives said that the application deadline was extended until February 13, although it was originally planned to last until the end of January.

More than 14.5 thousand citizens applied for the Solari 3000+ project, and all those who did not become users within that project automatically applied for a new one and have the right of priority for installation. However, in order to obtain this right, the registered facilities must undergo a detailed techno-economic analysis.

Thus, buildings must be built in accordance with legal regulations in the area of spatial planning and building construction, with an approved connection power that must be equal to or greater than the power of the photovoltaic system that is planned to be installed.

In addition, it is necessary that the buildings have a three-phase connection to the distribution network and roof surfaces that have good solar potential. Buildings should have one or more south-facing roof surfaces or flat roof surfaces that are not shaded by neighboring buildings. All users must also be regular payers.

The president of the board of directors of EPCG, Milutin Đukanović, previously said that they expect that during this year, in the context of the Solari 5000+ (70 MW) project, they will reach the indicated figure, which would relieve the energy system quite a bit, and citizens would achieve a significant degree of energy independence.

The value of the project is 70 million, and EPCG will provide the money through credit debt with banks that will take full or partial participation, and the minimum amount offered is ten million. That is why an international competition has been announced, to which banks can apply that would lend to citizens and companies that want to participate in this project.

When asked whether and how many bids were received, EPCG replied that based on experience from the previous call, bids generally arrive on the day of the bid opening, which in this case will be February 13.

The subject of the contract should contain the grant, conditions and deadline for repaying the loan, interest rate and grace period. The invitation stated that authorized persons from EPCG will make a decision on the selection of the most favorable offer on the proposal of the Commission for the implementation of the procedure within 30 days of the negotiations.
In addition to households and businesses, the Solari 5000+ project plans to install the system in buildings up to four floors – for apartment owners, but this will depend on technical capabilities. The project envisages that the user pays off the photovoltaic system in equal monthly amounts equal to his average monthly electricity bill, with the maximum investment repayment period being ten years.

Users who have a billing meter with power measurement and want to install a photovoltaic system, in addition to the monthly amount for repayment of the photovoltaic system, retain the obligation of monthly settlement of the grid capacity engagement item, which in the final monthly amount will be equal to the average monthly electricity bill.

EPCG will provide future owners of photovoltaic systems with a discount in the amount of 20% of the contracted value of the investment. According to amendments to the law in the Parliament at the end of last year, VAT is paid at a rate of zero percent for the delivery and installation of photovoltaic systems, while urban planning and technical conditions are not necessary for its installation.

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