Montenegro, public invitation for Solari 5000+ project will be announced

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Tomorrow, Elektroprivreda (EPCG) will announce a public call for participation in the Solari 5000+, 70 megawatt (MW) project, the value of which is 70 million euros.

As announced at today’s press conference, the public invitation will be published in the daily newspapers Pobjeda, Vijesti and Dan, as well as on the company’s website

Applications can be submitted until January 31.

The conference was attended by the President of the Board of Directors of EPCG Milutin Đukanović, Chief Financial Officer Miro Vračar and Executive Director of the Directorate for Renewable Energy Sources (OIE) and project manager Željko Pekić.

– The right to participate in the Solari 5000+ (70MW) project belongs to individuals and companies – owners/co-owners of individual buildings and residential units in buildings up to four floors, who regularly pay monthly bills for consumed electricity and monthly installments for debt repayment, if there is such an obligation – stated in the company’s statement.

As explained, the buildings must be built in accordance with the legal regulations in the field of spatial planning and building construction, with an approved connection power that, according to the current Energy Act, must be equal to or greater than the power of the photovoltaic system that is planned to be installed.

The buildings must have a three-phase connection to the distribution network, and roof surfaces that have good solar potential.
– The right to participate in the project is also available to users whose facilities have one or more roof surfaces oriented to the south, southeast or southwest (roof surfaces with good solar potential), as well as users whose facilities have flat roof surfaces that are not shaded by neighboring buildings – buildings, trees – added in the statement.

EPCG said that the positive effects of the project are multiple, both from the financial aspect for households, the economy, individuals and EPCG, as well as from the aspect of the expectations of the international community, in order to reduce the emission of harmful gases and increase the use of renewable energy sources.

– The future user of the project is given the opportunity to install a suitable photovoltaic system and repay it in equal monthly amounts through a credit arrangement provided by EPCG, for a maximum period of up to ten years, in the amount of their average monthly electricity bill – the company announced.

Users who own a billing meter with power measurement (maxigraph), in addition to the monthly amount for repayment of the photovoltaic system, retain the obligation of monthly settlement of the item “engagement of network capacity”, which in the final monthly amount will be equal to the average monthly electricity bill.

EPCG will also provide future owners of photovoltaic systems with a discount in the amount of 20 percent of the contracted value of the investment.
– In this way, the user in the project becomes the owner of a small solar power plant, the capacity of which is designed to approximately, or completely, meet his needs for electricity – the company stated.

Photovoltaic system, which in the sense of this public call includes photovoltaic panels (modules), assembly substructure for the needs of attaching photovoltaic panels to the roof surface of the building, inverters, cable lines for connecting the system, cabinets and protective energy equipment, supervision/monitoring system over the photovoltaic system, the smart meter and other material for putting the system in a functional state will be connected in accordance with the technical capabilities and requirements of future users, local media writes.

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