Montenegro, Average weighted effective interest rate on total approved loans amounted to 5.92%

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The average weighted effective interest rate on total approved loans, which includes all their costs, in December compared to November increased by 0.11 percentage points and amounted to 5.92%, according to data from the Central Bank (CBCG).

– On a monthly basis it increased by 0.12 percentage points to 5.45% – it is stated in the CBCG Bulletin.

Interest rates on newly approved loans also increased, effective 0.11 percentage points to 6.55%, and nominal 0.42 percentage points to 6.02%. The effective interest rate of microcredit financial institutions (MFIs) on total approved loans in December remained unchanged at 23.42%, while the nominal rate fell by 0.01 percentage point to 20.49%. The effective MFI interest rate on newly approved loans on a monthly basis fell by 0.13 percentage points to 23.67%, while the nominal one increased by 0.02 percentage points to 20.52%.

The average weighted effective interest rate on deposits in December was 0.01 percentage points lower at the monthly level at 0.26%. The difference between active and passive interest rates in December amounted to 5.66 percentage points and was higher compared to November.

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