Montenegro, Total value of approved loans at the end of last year amounted to 3.66 billion euros

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The total value of approved loans in Montenegro at the end of last year amounted to 3.66 billion euros, and compared to 2021, there was an increase in loans of 8.97 percent or 301.6 million euros, according to data from the Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG).
The Montenegrin monetary institution announced that last year individuals borrowed the most for consumption needs (non-purpose cash loans), as well as for the purchase of apartments, and companies for the liquidity of working capital, the Mina agency reports, referring to Pobjeda.

At the end of last year, the most significant users of loans were natural persons (residents and non-residents, with credit cards and entrepreneurs) with 1.58 billion euros, or 43.37 percent, and the economy with 1.26 billion euros, or 34.41 percent (includes the categories of companies in majority private ownership 33.05 percent and companies in state ownership 1.36 percent), while loans to the Government of Montenegro in the amount of 209 million euros participate with 5.71 percent in the total.

“In the period of one year, loans to individuals recorded an increase of 132.1 million euros, or 9.08 percent, as well as loans to the economy of 104.2 million euros, or 9.02 percent, while loans to the government registered a decrease of 18 .5 million euros, or 8.13 percent”, said the CBCG.
CBCG data show that in relation to the total amount of loans placed with individuals, 372 million euros refer to non-purpose cash loans, while 493 million euros refer to residential loans.

“Observed by the maturity of gross loans and receivables at the end of last year in total approved gross loans and receivables, 73.34 percent refer to loans and receivables approved over three years, 8.05 percent are loans approved from one to three years, 7, 72 percent refer to loans approved from three months to one year, 9.74 percent represent funds from banks, while 1.15 percent refer to loans approved for up to three months”, specified representatives of the CBCG.

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