Zeta Plain potentials are of first-class importance for Montenegrin agriculture

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The potentials of the Zeta Plain are of first-class importance for Montenegrin agriculture, according to the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and the Municipality of Zeta.

The President of the Municipality of Zeta, Mihailo Asanović, with his colleagues, paid a working visit to the Ministry of Agriculture, where he discussed with the State Secretary Stevan Gajević and representatives of that department about current issues in the field of agriculture that are important for the newly founded municipality.

“The interlocutors discussed the challenges faced by agricultural producers, among other things, the maintenance of uncategorized and local roads, the support of the Ministry for special measures that are not part of the Agricultural Budget, the allocation of free greenhouses, as well as the impact of natural disasters on agricultural farms in the municipality,” it is stated. In the statement.

Gajević particularly emphasized the possibilities and importance of the fertile Zeta Plain for the development of Montenegrin agriculture and tourism.

He assessed that the Municipality of Zeta has great chances for development through the concept of sustainable development and added that the Ministry is fully committed to providing the conditions for the inhabitants of the Zeta Plain to make maximum use of their natural potential in the agricultural sector.

“There was a mutual willingness to improve cooperation and support in terms of promoting agricultural production, educating agricultural producers, as well as promoting local events in the field of rural development in Zeta,” the announcement states.

As announced, the Ministry will consider the possibility of support in the construction of the fair hall for agriculture in Zeta.
During the meeting, they also discussed issues related to the purchase of surplus agricultural products and their processing, with a special focus on problems in the past functioning and cooperation with the Plodovi company.

“Dissatisfaction regarding the business operations of this company and previous cooperation with the Capital, which has 53 percent of the shares, was emphasized,” the statement added.

The meeting was attended by Amra Terzić and Milena Kotlica in front of the plant production and rural development directorates, as well as representatives of the Municipality of Zeta, Vesna Maraš and Gavro Kaluđerović.

“The interlocutors agreed that further discussions and activities will be intensified in the coming period with the aim of improving rural development and solving current issues in the field of agriculture in the youngest Montenegrin municipality,” the announcement concludes.

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