Two new clinics in Podgorica by the spring of 2024

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With the symbolic laying of the foundation stone in Podgorica, the construction of a facility for clinics for infectious diseases and dermatovenerology began yesterday. The value of the investment is EUR 8.5 million, and it is financed from the IPA funds of the EU. The deadline for the completion of the works is 18 months, so the clinics are expected to move into the spring of 2024.
As reported by the Ministry of Health, Prime Minister Dritan Abazović, Minister of Health Dragoslav Šćekić, EU Ambassador to Montenegro Kristina Oana Popa and Director of the Clinical Center of Montenegro Ljiljana Radulović laid the foundation stone.
– There is no greater honor for someone who works in the state administration than when our country is being built. This is already the second foundation stone laying activity for new clinics in Montenegro. After 40 years, new health facilities are finally being built in our country – said Prime Minister Dritan Abazović.
He expressed his immense gratitude to the EU for its support, without which this project could not be realized, stressing that “these things strengthen our partnership”.
– We want to strengthen our health system, to invest in all the cities of our country and enable our citizens to feel safe and have quality services – said the Prime Minister.
– The current institution in which the Clinic for Infectious Diseases is located is an example of decades of negligence and carelessness that the then political elites had towards the health system, its employees and especially towards the citizens who were treated in conditions unworthy of a human being. Those who were unfortunately forced to stay and receive treatment there, and the coronavirus pandemic forced us to do so, know what I’m talking about. That will no longer be the case – said Minister of Health Dragoslav Šćekić.
He added that by laying the foundation stone for this as well as for other facilities that have been started, solid foundations are being firmly laid for a new approach to the health care of our insured, but also for decent working conditions for doctors and other medical personnel.
– On this path, the European Union provides us with selfless help and support, which with funds of 8.5 million euros fully finances the construction and equipping of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Dermatovenerology. With the leadership of the head of the EU Delegation in Montenegro, in addition to this one, other significant projects are being implemented that our country, as a candidate for joining the European family, is making great use of – Minister Šćekić pointed out.
He said that the Ministry of Health, with the support of the Government of Montenegro, is dedicated to strengthening the neglected health infrastructure, which currently requires investments of several hundred million euros.
– In addition to two modern facilities for the needs of the Clinic for Mental Health, Infectious and Skin Diseases, last week work began on the reconstruction and adaptation of the Vaso Ćuković Special Hospital in Risno, worth 2.2 million EUR, and by the end of the year, also with the help of the European Union , work will begin on the construction and equipping of the Operational Center for Emergency Situations within the Institute of Public Health, as well as the reconstruction and equipping of nine microbiological laboratories across the country – he stated.
Šćekić pointed out that they pay special attention to regional development and the universality of health care, as evidenced by the fact that they are currently preparing for tenders with a total value of over EUR 10 million for the reconstruction of general hospitals in Bijelo Polje, Berane, Cetinje and Nikšić, as well as health centers in Ulcinj, Budva, Cetinje and Plava.
The EU ambassador to Montenegro, Kristina Oana Popa, expressed her satisfaction that after so many years, Montenegro is finally building new clinics, which are just one of the many projects through which the EU supports the Montenegrin health system.
– Access to good health care is part of the EU standard of living, which the citizens of Montenegro rightly aspire to. I am glad that today we have the opportunity to contribute to the realization of that aspiration, because these two new clinics will significantly improve the quality of health services for all citizens of Montenegro. Medical workers will soon work in completely new facilities, with access to the most modern equipment – said the EU ambassador in our country.
She reminded that since the beginning of the pandemic, Montenegro has received EUR 130 million in grants and EU loans, with the aim of saving lives, improving public health and preserving thousands of jobs.
The director of KCCG, Dr. Radulović, reminded that the Dematovenerology Clinic was moved out ten years ago after bad weather and has been sharing space with the Eye Diseases Clinic since then, and since then, colleagues and their patients have been waiting for the promises about the new building to finally come true.
– Just as the Mental Health Clinic deserves its own house within the KCCG, the doctors, staff and patients of the Infectious Diseases Clinic deserve modern and human-friendly space and equipment. The wider public became aware of this during the corona virus pandemic. The future building in which these two clinics will be located will have a total net area of ​​nearly four thousand three hundred square meters. In addition to the fact that the new building will be equipped according to the most modern medical standards, it will also have significantly more room for hospital treatment of patients. The clinic for dermatovenerology now has only two rooms with eight beds, while the new building will have 32 patient beds, in addition to the necessary clinics and other facilities. The clinic for infectious diseases now has 13 rooms and 20 beds.2 , while the total area of ​​construction land is 4,264.00 m2.
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