The state managed the energy crisis very well

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Montenegro managed excellently during the energy crisis, and the most important thing for citizens and the economy is that electricity prices have not been increased, announced Prime Minister Dritan Abazović.

Today, he gave a lecture to College of Europe students from the European studies program who are on a study visit to Montenegro, and whose focus is the European Union enlargement policy.

In a discussion with students from a number of European countries, Abazović said that Montenegro managed the energy crisis excellently and that we finished last year more than any more optimistic scenario and that the Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG) did not increase electricity prices, which is the most important thing for citizens and the economy.

“In addition to tourism, energy is also experiencing strong growth. The goal is to export even more electricity in the near future”, said Abazović. He said, as announced by the Government, that Montenegro is the best candidate to be the first next member of the EU and that it can give impetus to the revival of the enlargement policy.

According to him, there is consensus among all political parties regarding Montenegro’s membership in the EU and strong Euro-optimism with the belief that this is one of the most important topics for our future.

During the discussion, there was talk about the role of national minorities in building an intercultural, civil and European Montenegro, the European future of the Western Balkans and the importance of regional reconciliation in that process, the position of religious organizations and the equality of their rights, as well as future parliamentary elections in our country.


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