The golden age of the energy sector is coming

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In the past year and a half, since it was led by new people, headed by Milutin Đukanović and his team, EPCG achieved success, significant results, launched new projects, created new jobs, made investments… At a time when in the whole of Europe, the world , on the scene of a severe energy crisis and every other crisis, EPCG and the energy sector in Montenegro have done a great job, preserved the energy system and preserved the social status of citizens, DF MP Jovan Vučurović said today in parliament.

He pointed out that EPCG was particularly successful in dealing with the legacy and bad business practices of the former regime.

– I would also like to remind you that, even though electricity prices on the stock market were rising drastically, EPCG did not accept that the price of electricity for our citizens would increase. If they had accepted, today the price of electricity in Montenegro would be several times higher, somewhere around 400 euros, so then think, dear citizens, what a disaster would befall the entire country, said Vučurović.

He emphasized that with these moves, EPCG and others in its system saved Montenegro and its citizens over 900 million euros.

– And these are really great data, great results, it is not something abstract and fictitious, but a direct, visible contribution to the people and the state. This kind of business of EPCG also made it possible for other systems to function, to realize other projects – if it wasn’t for this kind of business of EPCG, there would be no implementation of the Europe Now project, said the DF deputy.

He reminded that all these results are achieved at a time when the hydrological situation in Montenegro is the most difficult in the last 70 years.

– In addition, despite the global difficult situation, new investments were started, new jobs were created, let’s mention Solari 3000+ and Solari 500+, Solari 5000+ and Solari 10000+ will soon follow, the company EPCG – Solar gradnja was formed, soon, as was promised, the construction of new wind farms begins, Gvozd and a large number of new projects are activated, the Željezara is saved with the support of the municipality of Nikšić and the mayor Marko Kovačević. And then some critics appear, who for thirty years robbed both the state and the EPCG, who dragged it out and destroyed it in order to fill their own pockets. If, God forbid, DPS was in power today, the price of electricity would be 400-500 euros, there would be no new companies, and EPCG would be on the verge of shutting down and collapsing, as would the entire country, emphasizes Vučurović.

He reminded that from 1982 to 2021, EPCG did not build a single new source of electricity, ever since the construction of the Pljevlja Thermal Power Plant.

– So, out of those 39 years, the DPS was in power for over 30 years and it did not occur to them to build and contribute to the state, but to rob and extort, to settle the first family, their bank, their tycoons and mobsters. And that’s why they brought this company to collapse. But, when things are done honorably and responsibly, i.e. the opposite of what DPS used to do, then the results will come, and I am sure that the golden age of EPCG and the energy sector in Montenegro is yet to come, especially after this latest signed investment. And that is why we should congratulate Milutin Đukanović and his team, for their responsible, honest attitude, for their expertise and I would say dedicated and fanatical work for the good of all the citizens of Montenegro, said Vučurović, local media writes.

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