The goal of the Government of Montenegro is to increase the quality of service

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The goal of the Government of Montenegro is to increase the quality of service as well as the income of HG Budvanska Riviera, said Prime Minister Dritan Abazović, commenting on the recently adopted privatization plan.

– The fact that something is included in the privatization plan does not mean that it will be successful… None of the hotels they manage have five stars. If someone thinks that a half-board in Slovenska beach, on the foam of the sea, in Budva, which brings Montenegro half a billion euros from tourism, should be 39 euros, then they are not in agreement with what I think – Abazović said during a visit to the Plantaže company.

As he stated, it is necessary to come up with a business model that will bring more income to the company, and therefore to the state.

– It is unacceptable that the Budva Riviera, with all the resources and capacities it possesses, has revenues at the level of one better hotel or four restaurants on the coast. Let us come up with a business model, to increase their quality, to transfer several hotels to five stars, to do work that will bring them, and therefore the state, enormous income. That is the only interest – said Abazović.

As he said, the same applies to other state-owned companies.

– We will also complete Luka Bar. That is the priority of all priorities, to reach 100% ownership in the Port – said Abazović, stating that it is necessary to resolve the situation around the Airport, and to launch large infrastructure projects.

According to him, the decision on airports cannot be made because of the political situation in the country.

– If we find a little more political stability, that should be given priority. We must not allow our neighborhood, 200 km from here, to have 160 flights a day, and the airport in Montenegro to be closed at 11 o’clock in the evening. There is no difficult decision that the Government has not made, it will make for the Airports as well, but we have to wait for the political situation to unfold – concluded Abazović, local media reports.

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