The delegations of Montenegro and Kuwait initialed the agreement on air traffic

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The delegations of Montenegro and Kuwait initialed the agreement on air traffic, which will represent the legal basis for the introduction of direct lines, the Ministry of Capital Investments announced.

At the beginning of this week, the delegations of Montenegro and Kuwait met in the Ministry with the aim of harmonizing and initialing the agreement on air traffic.

“Taking into account the current geopolitical events and current changes in the world, it is important that as a recognized tourist country, Montenegro establishes cooperation with new markets”, the statement added.

In this sense, the strengthening of relations with Kuwait and the initiative to create the conditions for the maintenance of a direct line between the signatory countries for the next tourist fair were the topics of the discussions that were held during the two-day visit of representatives of the Kuwaiti government.

“After harmonizing positions at the meeting, all necessary documents were initialed, and the agreement on air traffic was also initialed”, said the Ministry.

In order to finalize the whole process, the contracting parties must comply with the internal procedures in their countries and then officially sign the agreement that represents the legal basis for the introduction of direct lines.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Capital Investments, Ervin Ibrahimović, expressed his satisfaction with the successfully concluded talks, which will undoubtedly affect the strengthening of relations between Montenegro and Kuwait.

Ibrahimović particularly emphasized the importance of creating quality connections with all markets that recognize Montenegro as an interesting tourist and investment destination.

“The meeting also discussed the establishment of cooperation in the fields of renewable energy sources and agriculture”, the statement added.

In addition to Ibrahimović, the meeting was also attended by the head of the Aviation Directorate, Milica Mićunović, who was also the head of the Ministry’s delegation during the negotiations on the Draft Agreement initialed today, local media reports.

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