Step by step, Montenegro should become a regional center for the development of energy from renewable sources

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Željezara can be a good support for the Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG) for all energy projects, said the president of the board of directors of that company, Milutin Đukanović, and said that Nikšić will become a regional center in the field of solar energy.

Đukanović, after signing the contract by which EPCG bought the assets of Željezara, said that by that act EPCG significantly increased its assets.

As he added, therefore, Montenegro increased its assets.

– The steel mill is the soul of this city and Montenegro. We are convinced that when Željezara and EPCG merge, we will achieve great results and restore the shine to this city – said Đukanović.

He recalled the ongoing energy crisis.

– We have to become a regional center for the development of energy, especially energy from renewable sources. EPCG has ideas and has already started implementing significant projects. Željezara can be a good support for all projects in the field of energy – announced Đukanović.

He said that Željezara will have the opportunity to develop other values as well.

– But we go step by step. Nikšić will become a regional center in the field of solar energy, I am convinced of that – said Đukanović.

He announced that they have great development chances, as well as creating new values and opening new jobs.

– Energy is the future of Montenegro, and it will be the locomotive of Montenegro’s development. Željezara will be a chance again and people will want to work in a company that will be called Željezara EPCG Solar or vice versa – said Đukanović.
Prime Minister Dritan Abazović thanked and congratulated the workers for, as he said, defending Željezar.

You defended your jobs, families and enabled Nikšić and Montenegro to finally think about workers and increase their own capital. If it weren’t for you, this agreement wouldn’t have happened – Abazović told the workers.
He said that he was glad that he believed until the end that “this can happen”.

– Just as hundreds more good news can happen to Montenegro and that this country should be a country of great optimism. I am sure that we will soon witness the opening of the plant in Željezara – said Abazović.
The President of the Municipality of Nikšić, Marko Kovačević, stated that the Ironworks is more important than politics.

The steel mill is in our hands again. It is formally in the hands of EPCG, but it is in the hands of Montenegro – said Kovačević.

The Chief Financial Officer of EPCG Miro Vračar said that the purchase of Željezara is for the good of the state, EPCG, Nikšić and Montenegro, local media reported.

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