Montenegro, The „Simo Milošević“ Institute was opened today

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The „Simo Milošević“ Institute was opened today and on the first day it will receive about 50 patients, while by the end of the week about 180 are expected, acting director Savo Marić announced.

“The first guests are always through the Health Fund, and that’s how it is now. We have sent new prices, we have not received a response from the Fund, but I expect that part to be supported”, said Marić for Novski portal.

They are currently working at the capacity required for normal functioning, the heating problem has been solved and the building is warm. The employees of the Institute are still waiting for the complicated financial situation of that company, which has a debt between 30 and 40 million EUR, to be resolved.

It Is expected that during the week the Agency for the Protection of Competition (AZK) could give a final opinion on the requested advance of EUR 1.2 million, which should be paid by the Health Insurance Fund. This payment would resolve the current financial operations and the payment of the December salary arrears.

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