Montenegro, The Port of Bar opens up opportunities for a new wave of economic development

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The Port of Bar opens up unfathomable opportunities for Montenegro for a new wave of economic development, said Prime Minister Dritan Abazović.

He congratulated the Presidents of the Municipality and the Municipal Assembly, Dušan Raičević and Milena Božović, councilors and citizens of Bar, on November 24 – Municipality Day.

“I congratulate you on the Day of Liberation and the Day of the Municipality, proud of the fact that it was from Bar, among the first in enslaved Europe, that the uncompromising fight for freedom and values ​​that today is preserved by urban and European Montenegro began”, said Abazović.

As he said, the city of olives, peace, tolerance, hospitality and multi-ethnic harmony, with a position that offers countless opportunities for all kinds of exchange and advancement, will certainly take advantage of its new development opportunities.

“The port of Bar is our biggest and most important gateway, whose capacities we must valorize more strongly”, said Abazović in his congratulatory message.

He emphasized that, in the new context created by the construction of the Bar-Boljara highway, the Port of Bar opens unfathomable opportunities for Montenegro for a new wave of economic development.

“In the belief that in the partnership between the Government and the management of the local self-government, we will create good preconditions for the preservation and improvement of all healthy investments and the initiation of new ones in the direction of rationality and sustainability, and make Bar an even better and better place to live and rest, once again I congratulate you Dan municipalities”, stated Abazović.

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