Montenegro, The government intends to take over the Kamenari Lepetane ferry line

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The government intends to take over the Kamenari Lepetane ferry line, Prime Minister Dritan Abazović announced after a meeting with representatives of state companies and local governments. As announced by the Government, during the meeting the possibility of Morsko Dobro taking over the piers and temporarily organizing ferry transportation was discussed.

At the meeting, the possibilities and modalities of the taking over of the ferry line by the state were considered and an agreement was reached on the necessity of protecting the public interest in relation to private monopolistic companies.

Abazović pointed out that the government intends to return to the citizens what is theirs, put an end to the confiscation of state property and take over the management of the ferry line.

During the meeting, the representatives of the Public Enterprise for the Management of the Maritime Resource informed the Prime Minister of the fact that the 41st Government concluded that the Kamenari – Lepetane ferry was managed without a concession by a private company that had numerous benefits from the state and, at the same time, an unsatisfactory relationship with local governments and the Maritime Resource.

During the meeting, the possibility of Morsko Dobro taking over the pier and temporarily organizing transportation by that company was considered.

The President of the Management Board of Morsko Dobro, Blažo Radjenović, emphasized his readiness for the state company he represents to take over this work, stating that this would increase revenues compared to the current unfavorable financial arrangement with a private company.

The meeting was attended by minister without portfolio Zoran Miljanić, president of the JPMD Board of Directors and assistant director, Blažo Radjenović and Nikola Radjenović, president of the Board of Barska plovidba Miloš Raičević, member of the Board of Barska plovidba in front of minority shareholders Aleksandar Jovović, director of the Maritime Safety Administration Ivana Martinić, president of the Municipality of Tivat Željko Komnenović, Secretary of the Secretariat for Economy in the Municipality of Tivat Vedran Božović, Vice President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi Mirko Mustur and State Secretary in the Ministry of Capital Investments Dr. Ismet Latić.

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