Montenegro, The development of wind parks is a potential for cooperation with China

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Digital transformation and circular economy represent areas in which China and Montenegro can establish stronger cooperation in the coming period, it was assessed during the meeting of the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce Pavle D. Radovanović with Ambassador Jiang Yu, who is the special representative for China’s cooperation with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
Radovanović, presenting the umbrella association of the Montenegrin economy to the ambassador, emphasized its significant contribution to the improvement of the business environment, the connection of businessmen with international partners, the internationalization of business and education.
He pointed to the good cooperation with China in the previous period, which resulted in high-quality regional initiatives and agreements with the chambers of commerce of Beijing and Shanghai, as well as within the framework of 16+1. The Vice President expressed his expectation that the sixth session of the Joint Commission of Montenegro and China will be held next year, and that agreements on cooperation between the two countries will be signed, among other things, in the areas of circular economy and digital transformation.

– I am sure that the signing and implementation of those agreements will significantly benefit the signatories, and especially Montenegro. In the area of ​​green energy, there is great potential and the experience of Chinese companies would be very significant – said Radovanović.

Ambassador Jiang Yu pointed out that she highly appreciates the role of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro in connecting the companies of the two countries and attracting Chinese investments.

– The goal of this meeting is to see how we can give an additional boost to the cooperation of our economies – said Jiang Yu.

According to her, both countries prioritize the protection of the environment as a priority for future development, and there is room for strengthening partnerships.

– I see great potential for cooperation in the development of wind parks – said the ambassador, who emphasized that it is necessary to fully valorize the resources of the Port of Bar, and to improve traffic connections within the CEI region, as well as with China. This will contribute to greater visits by tourists from that country, but he also believes that the region should create a unique tourist product to offer to the Chinese market.

The interlocutors assessed that the next forum of small and medium-sized enterprises of China and CEI in Guangzhou and EXPO in Ningbo represent very significant events and opportunities for establishing connections between companies on specific projects and promoting Montenegrin products. She invited the Montenegrin state and business delegation to take part in these gatherings, which will also be an opportunity for talks with representatives of the new Chinese government, local media reports.

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