Montenegro, Crnogorski Telekom dominates when it comes to 5G and 4G network

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According to the official measurements of the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (EKIP), Crnogorski Telekom had the largest 5G and 4G network in Montenegro at the end of last year, the telecommunications company announced.

As they stated, the 5G network of Crnogorski Telekom is available to about 76 percent of the population in Montenegro, while the company’s 4G network covered almost the entire population in the country, so that network is available to 97 percent of citizens.

“In addition, Crnogorski Telekom is at the EKIP auction for the allocation of radio frequencies from the 700 megahertz (MHz), 3.6 gigahertz (GHz) and 26 GHz bands, which are important for the spread of 5G and the improvement of the 4G network, in which all three mobile operators, leased the most 5G spectrum, which created the conditions for the introduction of gigabit speeds in the mobile network,” said the company.

At the EKIP ceremony, where Telekom was given approval to use the so-called 5G pioneer bands, the company’s CEO, Stjepan Udovicic, thanked the regulator for the large and extensive preparation for the 5G spectrum auction and pointed out that the leaders of the Agency recognized the moment, while some countries environments have not yet done so.

“The development of the 5G network is not only important for the citizens of Montenegro, but also for the companies operating in the country, and it is also important for the reputation of the country itself.” “Crnogorski Telekom is the first operator in Montenegro that started the commercial 5G story and is currently the operator with the largest 5G network coverage in the country,” said Udovicic.

He recalled that they started the project in April last year with a group of base stations in Podgorica.

“Today, we have a 5G network available to users in almost all Montenegrin cities, and we have 5G stations in 30 locations in the capital alone,” specified Udovicic.

The ultimate goal, according to the company, is to make the 5G network available in all Montenegrin cities, and they laid the foundations for this with the best result at the December spectrum auction, ensuring the prerequisites for strong development of the mobile network in the 5G era and in the next 15 years.
In addition, the excellent outcome of the auction will enable Crnogorski Telekom to significantly improve the user experience in the 4G network as well.

“Parallel with the development of the network, we are also working on improving the system and expanding the capacity in order to enable the smooth operation of the service in all situations, both in the off-season and in the season and during the holidays, when a large number of visitors flock to Montenegro who expect a high level of service, such as Crnogorski Telekom can offer them,” concluded Udovicic.

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