Montenegro, Crnogorski Telekom continued its pioneering venture with 5G network on high frequencies

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Crnogorski Telekom successfully continued its pioneering venture in Montenegro – the successful launch of a commercial 5G network on high frequencies, which brings gigabit speeds to users.

As announced by the company, a commercially available 5G service with gigabit speeds is available at the location of TC Big Fashion in Podgorica, so users in that part of the city can already feel the power and speeds of the 5G network.

– After being the first in the country to launch a commercial 5G network in March last year, and a month later the first to achieve gigabit speeds in its 5G network, Crnogorski Telekom ended last year with the largest 5G network in Montenegro, available to over 70% of Montenegrin citizens – it is stated in the announcement.

With the launch of the gigabit 5G network in Podgorica, Crnogorski Telekom began using spectrum from the 3.6 GHz range, leased at an auction organized by the Electronic Communications Agency (EKIP) in December last year.

– In December of last year, Telekom achieved the best result at the auction of the spectrum important for the expansion of 5G and the improvement of the 4G network, which ensured the prerequisites for the strong development of the mobile network in the 5G era and in the next 15 years, as well as the prerequisites for the introduction of gigabit speeds in the mobile network. As we announced then, we are rapidly continuing with the biggest modernization of the mobile network in the last few years, thanks to which the 5G network will be available in an even wider area of Montenegro, while the user experience in our 4G network will be even better – said Predrag Stanišić, manager department for access networks in the Technical Sector in Telecom.

With today’s launch of a base station that enables gigabit 5G speeds, Telekom has shown that it is sticking to its strategic decision to build the fastest, largest and strongest mobile network in Montenegro.

– A strong and reliable network is a prerequisite not only for a superior user experience, but also for the development of a country’s digital society and economy. With large investments in new technologies and spectrum, as well as the presentation of these technologies that are now available to users, we took the first place, which we deserve, with our gigabit network – said Telekom CEO Stjepan Udovicic.

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