Montenegro, coverage of imports by exports is higher by 2.5% in this year, the largest trade partner was Serbia

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The total foreign trade of Montenegro in the first 11 months, according to Monstat’s preliminary data, amounted to EUR 3.87 billion, which is 46% more compared to the same period of the previous year.

Exports were worth 623.5 million, i.e. 64.7% higher than in the comparative period. Imports increased by 42.9% to 3.24 billion. Coverage of imports by exports amounted to 19.2% and is higher by 2.5%.

Most of the money was spent on the import of fuel (EUR 361.4 million) and road vehicles (EUR 201.7 million). Aluminum is the most valuable export product with EUR 160.8 million, but at the same time, EUR 139.3 million worth of non-ferrous metals were imported.

As for electricity, the total import was worth 203.7 million EUR, and the export was 144.6 million.

The largest foreign trade partners in exports were Serbia with EUR 129.2 million, Switzerland EUR 106.1 million and Bosnia and Herzegovina EUR 79.9 million. In imports, Serbia is again the largest partner with EUR 561.4 million, followed by China with EUR 302 million and Greece with EUR 268.8 million, local media says.

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