Montenegro, Country of light: another solar power plant in Podgorica

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The company Golden Group from Kotor in the Podgorica settlement Draževina plans to build a solar power plant with a total capacity of 12.50 MW. This can be seen in the request for a decision on the need to prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment Report submitted by this company to the Environmental Protection Agency.

In February, the Government issued urban planning and technical conditions for the construction of this solar power plant. The total area of ​​the site where the construction of the solar power plant is planned is approximately 193,539 m², while the occupied area is expected to be approximately 77,416 m2

According to the previously conducted analyzes submitted by the applicant, it was determined that the potential amount of annual electricity produced from the solar power plant with a total power of 12.50 MW is stated in the document.

As explained, the total expected annual production in the first year of operation of the power plant per 1 kW of solar panels is 1,408 kWh. Taking into account that the available area is 160,000 m2 and that 12.8 m2 is needed to install 1 kWp of solar panels with the provision of optimal distance between the rows, 12,500 kWp DC, i.e. 10,400 kW AC can be installed at the Draževina location – it is stated, among other things, in documentation.

Taking into account the estimated annual production from 1 kWp solar panels of 1,408 kWh, the expected annual production from the future SE Draževina in the first year of operation will amount to 17,600,000 kWh.


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