Montenegro, Casa del Mare hotel group has become a member of the Blue Ribbon program

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The Casa del Mare hotel group has become a member of the Blue Ribbon program, which implies continuous advisory support and financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to this company for the next five years.

The EBRD Blue Ribbon program provides operational, management and financial consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises that show great potential for growth. This gives companies the opportunity to have local and international experts at their disposal during the five years that this program lasts, in order to ensure the further growth and development of the company. Companies can become part of this program only at the invitation of the EBRD.

– We recognized the Casa del Mare hotel group as a reliable partner to the Blue Ribbon program, which not only offers the best consulting in areas crucial for further development, but also the opportunity to network with similar companies in over 36 countries across three continents where, as the EBRD, we implement our mission – said the head of the office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Montenegro, Remon Zakaria.
As he added, this milestone builds on their existing cooperation with the company for the past ten years through advisory services provided as part of the Advice for Small Businesses program in the hospitality industry.

– The EBRD has transformed the performance of thousands of small businesses and laid the foundations for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth that we intend to replicate through our further cooperation with Casa del Mare – said Zakaria.

The fact that the EBRD will be a kind of support and source of knowledge and experience for the founder and executive director of the Casa del Mare hotel group, Nikola Milić, is a great honor and pleasure.

– The fact that we are part of this program is a guarantee of our further unquestionable growth, but also a confirmation that we are working correctly as a company and brand. The next five years are really crucial for us – this year we are opening the new Casa del Mare Mangata hotel on the Budva Riviera, as well as a new catering facility next to our Bocasa. Next year, we are opening Hotel Wulfenia, our first hospitality experience in the north of Montenegro. In the coming period, we expect to launch projects outside of Montenegro. The fact that the EBRD is at our disposal for the next five years, which is practically a part of our company and whose experts are an integral part of our team, is a security and an incentive not only for us, but also for our investors. EBRD is not only a guarantor of quality, but also that unique addition that makes every project even better and more successful – said Milić.

– I want to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who made Casa del Mare part of this program, we will do our best to make them proud too – concluded Milić.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has been present in Montenegro since 2006 and has so far supported 81 projects with a total investment value of EUR 724 million. In its work in Montenegro, the EBRD focuses on increasing the competitiveness of the private sector, supporting sustainable practices, improving connectivity and regional integration, and promoting energy security and efficiency at the regional level.

The Casa del Mare hotel group is the winner of numerous national and regional awards for brand and service excellence. The hotel group currently has five small hotels throughout Bay of Kotor, and two unique restaurant concepts – Bocasa Beach & Restaurant and Casa Epico, which will be joined this summer by the new hotel Casa del Mare Mangata and Limoneto Beach and Restaurant.

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