Montenegro, Bar Bari maritime line will start from the end of June

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A passenger ship from the Tnitsea Shipping company will probably operate on the Bar-Bari-Bar maritime line during the summer, Primorski portal from the Barska plovidba company reports.

Negotiations with the Italians are ongoing and it is certain that the contract on business and technical cooperation will be signed these days. The only maritime line between Montenegro and Italy will start from the end of June and the ship will operate during the summer months.

In this business, Barska plovidba will have income from tickets sold in their offices. The crew is boarded by an Italian shipping company whose company is registered in Portugal.

After Barska plovidba lost its passenger ship in December 2016, after 52 years, the ship Dubrovnik, which was owned by Croatian Jadrolinija, sailed on the Bar-Bari line for five to six months a year. Due to the impossibility of sailing the ship Dubrovnik, the Croats could not extend the contract with the Montenegrin company this year.


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