Local communities and NGOs from Budva oppose the construction of a hotel and marina on the island of Sveti Nikola

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We are disturbed by the persistence of experts-planners who are working on the spatial plan of Montenegro and the spatial urban plan of Budva, because they are still persistent in drawing a marina for yachts and a hotel with 500 beds on the island of Sveti Nikola.

This is stated in the joint appeal for the protection of schools submitted to Vijesti, which was submitted to the Minister of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism Ani Novaković Đurović, the author’s teams for the preparation of the Spatial Plan of Montenegro (PPCG) and the Spatial Urban Plan of Budva (PUP), the Commission for the revision of these two planning documents, as well as representatives of the local communities Stari grad, Gospoština, Podkošljun, Bijeli do, as well as the Society for Sports Fishing at Sea Širun, the Budva Catering Association and the NGO Porat – Pizana Budva sent to the Mayor of Budva Milo Božović.

– Since 2019, we have been proving that the island should remain a nature park, that it is not rational or profitable to urbanize the island, that the current location was created by filling the sea and various fictitious machinations of buyers and banks, which are criminal acts, that the Parliament of Montenegro 2018 . the majority of DPS councilors, without discussion and argument by raising their hands, were against 5,000 signatures of our petition and adopted the Coastal Area Plan, with a hotel and a marina. Strategic planning of the development of Budva is a matter of expertise and science, not of the party majority. No tourist worker, agency, businessman, tourist, citizen, NGO will agree to have any kind of hotel facilities on the island because every day in July and August 4,000 tourists are transported to the most beautiful Mediterranean nature that Budva has to offer – according to the appeal of the locals Budva.

As they state, “it is enough to look at what the wild builder did in 1998-2000”.

– He concreted 400 meters of sandy beach to create a dock where no one can tie a boat or yacht. It destroyed the thousand-year-old Tunja shoal and disrupted sea currents, fish habitats, underwater flora and fauna. It is obvious that the proponent of the plan does not know life in this area, because if the proposed construction is allowed, an entire living world that maintains the balance of Budva’s biodiversity will disappear – warn representatives of local communities and the NGO sector.

Construction on the island, as they point out, would cause the degradation of the marine ecosystem and the intense death of the fish fry habitat, which for centuries has found its best place to live there.

– Underwater meadows, Posidonia oceanica (sea grass), the largest underwater producer of oxygen, would completely disappear due to the aggressive frequency of noise, gases, the smell of gasoline from numerous vessels, waste… The island in front of Budva still possesses biodiversity vitality and stabilizes and slows down the processes of climate change. It is unreasonable and inexplicable that the Ministry, which has ecology in its name and fights for the quality of water, air, healthy environment, waste collection and similar, is at the same time planning a total aggression on Budva’s most valuable natural resource. You will admit that it is a kind of planning and investor scandal. In all plans since 1945, the island of Sveti Nikola was planned as a forest park. This was respected by all authorities and experts, until state privatization favored individual, close and personal interest over the general good and public interest. The experts who planned Budva-Center and in just 10 years depersonalized, devalued and led to functional and economic unsustainability of Budva, the city with the most opportunities on the southern Adriatic, are still hiding – the locals pointed out.

They called for compliance with Article 23, paragraph 1 of the Constitution of Montenegro, according to which everyone has the right to a healthy environment.

– This means that the island of Sveti Nikola in the plan of PPCG and PUP Budva remains a forest park and that we upgrade it to a botanical reserve. Also, we invite you to visit the island of Sveti Nikola together with the entire author’s and auditor’s team – it is stated in the appeal, local media reports.

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