Kamarasi: Montenegro’s fight for investors must be more determined and better

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The future of Montenegro as an investment destination will largely determine the willingness of competent institutions to create a clear strategy for attracting investors. The strategy must focus on sustainable development and strengthening competitiveness, which are the strategic directions of the future development of the economy.

The implementation of the mentioned strategy should be completely free from any periodic political or other influences – it must represent a roadmap towards a sincere determination to bring and keep credible investors in Montenegro who will turn the opportunities we are talking about into successful projects.

This was said by Tamaš Kamaraši, the executive director of Crnogorska komercijalna banka (CKB) and the new president of the Council of Foreign Investors of Montenegro.

“I believe in the investment potential of Montenegro. My position is confirmed by the fact that we have successful projects backed by foreign companies that have recognized the opportunities that this country offers. Today, their business is high-quality, sustainable and shows a high level of resistance to various negative influences.

We should not forget the effect of those projects on the living and working conditions of the wider social community in the area in which they are present”, stated Kamarasi in the new White Book on the business environment, which the Council publishes annually.


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