Hidden gems of Montenegro

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If you are looking for a holiday at low prices this summer, forget about destinations overcrowded with tourists and consider going to the capital of Montenegro, suggests Euronews.com, adding that you can get more for your money there than in cities like Paris or Rome.

Modern cafes, bars overlooking the river and numerous interesting places are some of the reasons why Podgorica is a good idea. You can eat lunch or dinner for less than 7 euros, and a meal for two in a middle-class restaurant will cost you around 25 euros, according to the world database Numbeo, as well as the fact that the prices of food and apartment rentals in Podgorica are 24.6 percent lower than in Zagreb. .

On average, a large beer costs 2 euros, a cappuccino 1.49 euros, and a bottle of water around 1.29 euros. For a small change, you can also ride around the city on public transport – a one-way ticket costs 0.90 euros, and a monthly ticket costs 30 euros. According to Numbe, Podgorica is 38.8 percent cheaper than Rome and 47.9 percent cheaper than Paris.

If you decide to explore Podgorica, be sure to visit Stara Varoš, a part of the city on the left bank of the Ribnica river where you can take a break from concrete and gloomy buildings. Labyrinths of alleys, old mosques, the Clock Tower and courtyards are like Titograd in a time capsule.

In the Old Town you can also see one of the oldest houses in Podgorica, probably built during the time of the Turks, but wherever you go, you will understand why that part of the city is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists and creatives.

Bokeška Street, in the center near the Montenegrin National Theater, Rimski Square, viewpoints with postcard-worthy views, the Millennium Bridge are just some of the places that should not be missed, and when it comes to wine and food, prepare yourself to probably return home something heavier – and happier.

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