Air Montenegro flies only to Belgrade, Ljubljana and Istanbul

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The national airline Air Montenegro flies only to three destinations – Belgrade, Ljubljana and Istanbul. There are no flights to significant European centres, which puts the country in an extremely bad situation.

“At the moment, the national airline’s having the following routes: Podgorica – Belgrade, Tivat – Belgrade, Podgorica – Ljubljana and Tivat – Istanbul”, ToMontenegro told the CdM portal.

They also note that the summer season was successful as there were flights to 16 destinations: Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Zurich, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Prague, Banja Luka, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Katowice, Yerevan , Bratislava and Cairo.

“We had 3.700 flights, carrying out over 325.000 passengers from January this year.”

During winter, when air traffic is reduced due to planned planes’ repair, they additionally aligned the flight schedule.

“We’re doing it all with the aim of having a reliable functioning of our fleet and getting an adequate readiness for more frequent air travel in next year. In addition, we’re about to re-introduce routes which proved to be successful during summer, while at the same time are connecting Montenegro with new sources and destinations”, they said in a statement for CdM.

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